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Healthcare Software Development

We provide innovative and secure software development services for hospitals, healthcare providers, laboratories, pharmaceutical distributors, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions.
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  • Strong Expertise in Healthcare Industry
  • EHR / EMR, HIE, Practice Management, Telemedicine and other
  • Solutions for Medical Institutions, Doctors, Patients and other
  • Compliant with HL7, HIPAA, FDA, and EPCS standards.

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Top Healthcare Software Development Company

As a top-rated Healthcare Software Development Company, we help medical facilities reduce the time for routine tasks and better communicate with their patients using technology. We have completed more than 50 projects for various organizations and have extensive experience in how to develop a unique quality Healthcare Software for your company, adapting to your goals and capabilities. We have:

  • 7+ Years In Healthcare Software Development
  • 50+ Completed Projects
  • 45+ Professional Healthcare Software Developers
  • 20+ Satisfied Clients
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Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at transforming your workflow and patient care, and we also can get to work at any stage of a project. Our main services include:

  • Healthcare Software Development Consulting
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile Development for Healthcare
  • Development in accordance with HL7, HIPAA, FDA, and EPCS standards
  • Healthcare Data Integration and Interoperability
  • Healthcare Software Maintenance and Support

Custom EHR System

The client's requirement was to develop a comprehensive EHR System to automate patient registration tasks, secure storage and easily manage medical data and increase efficiency.The end EHR allows to manage patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and progress notes. Custom product is integrated with imaging system for seamless storage, retrieval, and analysis of medical images. All the features was customized to align with client specific procedures and workflows, improving accuracy and productivity.

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Tailored Hospital Information System (HIS)

Our client is a private healthcare organization with multiple departments, including outpatient clinic, inpatient wards, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. We created integrated solution for their management. The HIS includes a centralized patient management module, that enables seamless registration and appointment scheduling, management functionalities, including inventory control and financial management module that automates billing, invoicing, and revenue management. The tailored HIS enables seamless integration with external systems and EHR. By implementing HIS It our client streamlined workflows, enhanced patient care and optimized resource management.

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Online Medicine Platform

A mobile marketplace based on location allows users to find the nearest pharmacies on the map, order medicines with home delivery. It only takes a few clicks to get the appropriate medical product. The user can select or upload a photo of the recipe and send it through the app. In addition, the app has an online payment function, which speeds up the delivery process.

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Cephalometric Analysis & Dental Imaging System

Our client is Medical Software Provider, which wanted to develop a game-changing cloud-based software system designed to transform the way orthodontists and dentists conduct cephalometric analyses and manage dental imaging. We created a user-friendly platform that offers accurate analysis, convenient image storage, and on-demand patient records. Images, X-rays, treatment plans and worksheets are made available 24/7, simply and easily from any location and in real-time with a secure login. Ideal for multiple practices, remote access, and optional consultations, this product revolutionizes the healthcare IT landscape. Our solution allows to streamline workflows, enhance diagnoses, and optimize patient care.

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Doctor Booking And Telemedicine App

The project is an app that allows users to easily connect with doctors by booking doctor appointments, online doctor consultations and storing detailed digital medical records. Moreover, patients can get quick consultation with the video call feature. This app helps not only patients, but it allows clinical care staff to virtually coordinate with patients while reducing administrative burden. The client received an app that automated the work of the medical institution and allowed physicians to focus on improving the quality of health care, rather than on routine tasks.

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