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Educational Software Development Services

We provide e-learning and education software development services. Our advanced technologies ensure the implementation of learning facilitation solutions, effective lesson planning and organization, administrative work management for schools, colleges, and universities, and much more.
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  • Strong Expertise in the e-Learning & Educational Industry.
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Top e-Learning & Educational Software Development Company

As a top-rated e-Learning & Educational Software Development Company, we help e-learning organizations and educational institutions improve their workflows and expand their businesses through the use of innovative technologies that greatly extend the capabilities of learning activities using technology. We have completed more than 35 projects for various organizations and have extensive experience in how to develop a unique quality e-Learning & Educational Software for your company, adapting to your goals and capabilities. We have:

  • 7+ Years In e-Learning & Educational Software Development
  • 35+ Completed Projects
  • 45+ Professional e-Learning & Educational Software Developers
  • 25+ Satisfied Clients
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Our Custom e-Learning & Educational Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at transforming your workflow, and we also can get to work at any stage of a project. Our main services include:

  • e-Learning & Educational Software Development Consulting
  • Web, Desktop, Mobile Development for e-Learning Organizations and Educational Institutions
  • e-Learning & Educational Software Development from Scratch and Modernization of Existing Solutions
  • e-Learning & Educational Software Maintenance and Support

Enterprise LMS Software Development

We were approached by a large American company selling construction and finishing materials. The client's request was to develop software for an enterprise learning management system that allows flexible management of learning content, the process of training and testing of employees. The solution had to implement a plan to systematize the training process for sales specialists, as well as to create a corporate database of learning materials to ensure the continuous acquisition of knowledge by employees. As a result, we developed a platform that supports various types of content, allowing step-by-step progression through the training plan with the ability to modify it flexibly. The solution also included the ability to automatically generate reports and test employees to monitor their mastery of the courses. In addition, the software included a digital library of learning content, artificial intelligence-based customization of learning content and resources, and more.

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e-Learning Portal Development for Psychologists

Our client approached us with the idea of creating an e-learning portal for psychologists. The portal should be a professional online environment for further training, by learning new psychological techniques and sharing experiences between professionals. As a result, we developed a platform that allows learners to store and access all materials related to training (courses, assignments, exams, etc.), choose individual training plans, depending on the current experience and profiling of the specialist. In addition, the portal realizes the function of social learning by introducing discussion boards, a chat room, and a forum where psychologists can discuss professional issues and share knowledge.

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Student Information System Software Development

Our experience includes the development of a student information system that solves a number of problems related to student data management. The platform we have developed allows us to store contact information, medical, disciplinary and academic data of students. The software solution provides convenient management of all student documentation, financial accounting, registration and enrollment control, schedule planning, preparation of customized reports and much more. The solution we have developed provides complete systematization of student data, which greatly facilitates administrative work and improves the work processes of the educational institution.

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Piano Teaching m-Learning Application Development

Our client approached us with the idea of developing a mobile learning application for piano lessons. The solution was to fulfill the client's vision of creating a mobile music school that the user can access anytime, anywhere. The mobile application we developed included a large database of multi-genre pieces of varying complexity, training in musical literacy, chords, correct technique and much more. The solution allows you to choose a course depending on the user's level of skill, which ensures the selection of materials of appropriate complexity. The application takes into account the user's interests and preferences in music and makes personalized recommendations on pieces for exercises. In addition, the solution is equipped with a feature that corrects mistakes by listening to the student's playing through a microphone. As a result, we were able to develop a productive, professional and user-friendly learning mobile application suitable for teaching piano to beginners and advanced users alike.

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Content Authoring Software Development

Our client asked us to develop a content authoring software for creating authoring training content for their business. The solution had to facilitate and speed up the process of preparing learning materials, as well as the visual component for them. The sofrware we developed included the ability to quickly create a large amount of interactive content and features for its personalization. In addition, the solution enables collaboration with colleagues when creating content, allowing them to share materials, leave comments on changes, and work out the content and design of materials. The software makes it easy to adapt and improve current content and quickly exparte it in the LMS. Our development has greatly facilitated the process of preparing learning materials and optimized corporate training.

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