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We provide cutting-edge and secure ERP software development services for enterprises across all industries. Our solutions are designed to help businesses gain a clear view of their operations, streamline information flows, and enhance cost-effectiveness. Whether you are in manufacturing, retail, logistics, finance, or any other industry, our ERP solutions will be tailored to meet your specific needs.
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Top ERP Software Development Company

As a top-rated ERP Software Development Company, we help enterprises in all industries to optimize routine tasks and improve communication among departments using technology. We have completed more than 35 projects for various organizations and have extensive experience in how to develop a unique quality ERP Software for your company, adapting to your goals and capabilities. We have:

  • 7+ Years In ERP Software Development
  • 35+ Completed Projects
  • 45+ Professional ERP Software Developers
  • 20+ Satisfied Clients
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Our Custom ERP Software Development Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at transforming your workflow and optimizing your business operations, and we also can get to work at any stage of a project. Our main services include:

  • ERP Software Development Consulting
  • Custom ERP System Development
  • Multi-Platform ERP Software Development
  • ERP Data Integration and Interoperability
  • ERP Software Maintenance and Support

Tailored Real Estate ERP Software

Our client, Real Estate Company, faced challenges with disjointed systems, and difficulty in tracking and organizing property information. Incoordination of data has led to the inability to make effective decisions. Our custom ERP solution seamlessly integrates modules for property management, sales and leasing, CRM, financials, reporting, recruitment, training & onboarding, and accounting of agents' expenses. This comprehensive ERP system streamlines operations, enables efficient property tracking, automates lease management, centralizes customer data, optimizes agent management, and enhances financial control. With tailored workflows and advanced features, the Real Estate Company achieved greater productivity, competitive advantage, and improved decision-making capabilities.

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Custom ERP for the US Furniture Manufacturer

Our client used a ready-made ERP system that did not fully meet his specific requirements. This has led to inefficient production planning, poor inventory management, and limited scaling capabilities. We created comprehensive solution designed to optimize their operations. It consisted of modules such as Sales, Production, Procurement, and Inventory. The Sales module manager customer orders, pricing, and customization, while the Production module facilitated efficient planning and scheduling. The Procurement module streamlined supplier management and purchase orders, and the Inventory module provided real-time visibility and tracking. The ERP system improved production efficiency, streamlined order fulfillment, optimized inventory control, and enhanced financial management, resulting in increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

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ERP for Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

Our custom ERP solution for Plastic Packaging Manufacturer was designed to address their unique requirements and to solve the problem of data loss. It included key functionalities such as Production Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Advanced Finance Module. These features enabled streamlined production processes, efficient order tracking, optimized inventory control, and accurate financial management tailored to their specific needs. With our custom ERP solution, the manufacturer achieved increased operational efficiency, improved order fulfillment, enhanced inventory accuracy, and better financial visibility. Our tailored solution empowered the company to effectively manage their manufacturing operations, streamline processes, and achieve their business goals in the competitive packaging industry.

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Air Freight Management System (Logistics & ERP)

The client used a ready-made low-code solution, which completely did not meet the company's goals and led to the missing deadlines and budget increasing. The management did not have time for the strategic development of the company to grow and scale. Our solution is comprehensive custom resource planning system. Key functionalities include Shipment Tracking, Route Optimization, Customs Compliance, Warehouse Management, Financials, and Reporting. By automating processes, optimizing routes, and facilitating customs compliance, the ERP solution enhanced operational efficiency, minimized errors, and reduced costs. The process has become transparent for management, it has become easy to control using one comprehensive system.

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ERP for Online Cosmetics Store

We successfully developed a custom ERP solution for the E-commerce Cosmetics Distributor to solve the problem of delays with orders and difficulties with calculating commissions for sales consultants. The ERP system enables efficient regulation of workflows, online tracking and timely replenishment of storages, and effective management of the sales managers' bonus system. It incorporates three types of commission for sales managers, fostering competition through a leader board. The ERP solution facilitates streamlined communication between sales managers and the storage team, ensuring quick order fulfillment. Additionally, the Running Low Inventory feature provides notifications on top-requested goods that are running low, allowing proactive inventory management. With our tailored ERP solution, the distributor experiences improved employee productivity, enhanced order fulfillment speed, and optimized inventory control, enabling them to thrive in the competitive cosmetics industry.

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